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Eating right at Shop Rite

Let’s start with what’s important: freshly brewed coffee. At Shop Rite we’ll get you going with the best cup of coffee in town. Guaranteed fresh coffee from a Shop Rite store is a must to start your day and a great way to keep it going well. So you can customize your cup of Shop Rite fresh coffee to your tastes, we offer a range of creamers, sweeteners and syrups. At a Shop Rite store the coffee won’t disappoint-- -you have our word on it.

After you get that cup of coffee you’ve been looking forward to we have a range of convenience foods and grocery items for your eating pleasure and nutrition.

We have a variety of delicious ice-creams for those hot southern days, a complete selection of cold, cold soft drinks, and a choice of candies to satisfy that sweet tooth. We’ve got what you need when you are on the road and on the go. To keep you firing on all cylinders we stock all the popular high energy drinks. Or, if you prefer we have bottled water, fountain drinks, frozen refreshments, dairy, juices and tea. Whatever beverage you need we’ve got it.

There is also a selection of pre-packaged foods to satisfy the strongest appetites and range of grocery items for breakfast lunch or an anytime you are hungry meal. For real nutrition though visit the Shop Rite deli for an array cooked meats, cheeses, pickles, salads and sandwiches.

Don’t forget when you go to a Shop Rite store for gas, fill up the engine that needs fuel most; you.

And if you can’t find your favorite snack food, ask one of the Shop Rite team to get it in for you. Remember at Shop Rite we are here to satisfy you. You have our word on it.